TDYL General Meeting – Monday 4th December at 7:30pm

Dear all,

Due to the persistent heavy rain tonight’s meeting will be online only.  Please use the link that has been provided to you via Full-time messaging.

A lot of clubs have to travel and there have been reports of issues on the roads.

All clubs need to be represented at the meeting

Venue – online teams meeting

Time – 7:30pm

Match Day Postponement Form

If you need to postpone a match then please use the Match Postponement Form here

Please do not text or email your age group secretary.  The form must be submitted at least 3 days prior to match day.

Before postponing any game you must submit this form and get approval from the Age Group Secretary.

Club Contact Info

The club contact database is now live, however, club secretaries need to update manager and coach contact details for season 2023/2024.

Club venues have been added from application data received.

All club secretaries have been contacted with club login details enabling them to update club records. It is the responsibility of the club secretary (or delgated person) to update club records so they are accurate.  This enables other clubs to contact the correct club officials for matchdays etc.

Club details can be found here:

To access club details you need an account on the TDYL website:

General League Meeting – Tuesday 5th September 2023

There is a league meeting on Tuesday 5th September 2023 at Wellington Town FC, starting at 7:30pm

Map here

If you have any items, you would like to discuss then please send them to Gary and/or me so we can add them to the agenda under the AOB section.

All clubs must be represented at this meeting.  Any information that is given at this meeting must be passed on to your club officials, so they are prepared for the new season.